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Calendar Fun - Reinforcing Math Concepts and Calendar Features  (Primary Grades)
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Terrific Tickets for Terrific Behavior!
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Encourage your students to cheer each other on!  Buy 2 sets of cheerleading pom poms at the discount store.  At the end of the day choose one boy and one girl.  Give them each a pom pom set.  Those students each choose one student they feel needs a cheer for a job well done.  They stand next to those students and shake the pom poms and cheer while the class recites the Yahoo cheer 2 times.

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Count & Tally the School Days (12 Month Charts)
Turkey Gobble Math Spin & Writing Prompts (Addition & Subtraction)
Hooray for 100!  Playing with 100!  Catching 100!  Hungry for 100!

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